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Finally, A Drywall Repair Company That Makes It EASY

Welcome To West Michigan§Ó??s Fast & Affordable Drywall Repair Solution

It used to be that if you needed a small to medium-sized drywall repair, you had a BIG problem.

Homeowners in Grand Rapids, Kent County, and Ottawa County with drywall damage basically had two choices: call a large drywall contractor OR call a §Ó??jack-of-all-trades§Ó?? handyman. Either way, the results were often disappointing.

Here§Ó??s how the conversation with a typical drywall contractor would go:

West Michigan Homeowner: §Ó??I have a drywall repair that needs done.§Ó??

Typical Drywall Contractor: §Ó??We only work on major remodels or new construction.§Ó??

West Michigan Homeowner: §Ó??Can you recommend someone?§Ó??

Typical Drywall Contractor: §Ó??Not really. You might try a local handyman.§Ó?? CLICK.

So then you try a local handyman. Not all of them are terrible, but in our experience, it§Ó??s a low percentage that even show up to give you an estimate when they say they will. And how many are licensed and insured? Most important of all, how many can you count on to do quality work consistently?

We§Ó??ve got the solution that gives you the best of both worlds, minus all the hassles.

Welcome To §Ó??The Goldilocks Solution§Ó?? For Drywall Repair

Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears, right? Goldilocks was the little girl looking for the oatmeal that was just the right temperature and the bed that was just the right amount of firmness & softness. And she always found the solution was the 3rd choice that was the perfect combination of the first two.

Well, welcome to Surface Savers, §Ó??the Goldilocks Solution§Ó?? of Drywall Repair in Kent and Ottawa County. Our professional-level quality work is the equal of any large drywall contractor, but unlike them, we won§Ó??t ignore you.

We have the personal touch of the handyman, but we are fully licensed & insured and you won§Ó??t have any questions about our professionalism. As Goldilocks herself might say, §Ó??We§Ó??re just right§Ó??.

If you want to find out more about how easy we make this, read about Our Process.

If you want to know more about our professionalism, read About Us.

If you§Ó??re ready to get your free quote, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!