3 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Quartz Countertops

Posted 01 April 2017

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Quartz countertops are extremely hard, making them more likely to stand up to scratches and daily abuse. They are manufactured by joining many natural quartz stones together to create a flat slab and then cut and polished to meet your exact needs. Though a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen or bath, they are not indestructible. In the event that you need to repair a quartz countertop in Grandville, MI, make sure to contact a trained professional. For everyday maintenance and cleaning, these three ideas can help:

1. Avoid Extreme Heat

The heat of dishes straight from the oven or stove can cause your countertop to crack or discolor. Use trivets or other surface protectors to shield the quartz. Toaster ovens or other electric countertop appliances can also pose a risk if they generate enough heat. Make sure to monitor your appliances as you use them.

2. Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals

Bleach, abrasive cleansers or those with extreme pH levels (acidic or alkaline) can harm the countertop surface. Avoid pumice stones and oil-based cleaners as they may scratch or dull the quartz. And, unlike granite countertops, quartz does not require a sealer-nor is it recommended. In the event of a damaging spill, clean it up as quickly as possible. If greater restoration is needed, skilled specialists know how to repair your quartz countertop in Grandville, MI with ease.

3. Use Common Sense

Don't forget the cutting board when chopping food for your meals. Keep sharp, abrasive objects away and remember what's in your bags before you put them down on the countertop surface. Clean your countertop regularly with a vinegar and water solution or gentle household cleanser. Use soft cleaning sponges or cloths and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Keeping these three tips in mind can help you maintain your quartz countertop for years. If an accident does happen, however, seek a expert to help repair your quartz countertop in Grandville, MI and all of West Michigan.

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