3 Things To Remember When Dealing With A Damaged Solid Surface Countertop

Posted 10 April 2017

solid surface countertop repair in Grandville MI

If you're like most homeowners, you probably spend a great deal of time working with the countertops in your home. You depend on them to provide a consistent level of strength, durability and safety- especially where food preparation is concerned. Your solid surface countertops provide all of these benefits, but what happens when they become damaged? Consider three simple suggestions when seeking solid surface countertop repair in Grandville, MI.

1. Relax; repairs are possible.

Since solid surface countertops are synthetic, they can most likely be repaired. The acrylic composition can be sanded and buffed to remove scratches. Small chips and cracks can be filled with a special glue or epoxy, returning your kitchen or bath surfaces to their original beauty in no time. 

2. Seek out a knowledgeable professional for help.

Enlist the help of trained restorers to fix your countertop. They are familiar with the repair techniques necessary to meet your needs. When you schedule an appointment, they will assess the damage and formulate a repair plan with estimate. Typically, professionals will approach your solid surface countertop repair in Grandville, MI through the following steps:

Great care is taken when preparing the surface for repair. Restorers use specific sanding pads and carefully sequenced restoration methods to bring your countertop back to life.

3. Take extra care to avoid future issues.

Even though solid surface countertops stand up to daily use, they are sensitive to heat and strong impacts. Employing the following maintenance practices can help prolong the life of your countertops:

Take the guesswork out of your solid surface countertop repair in Grandville, MI and schedule a consultation today.

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