5 Signs You Need Wood Repair

Posted 10 March 2017

Wood repair Grandville MI

If you are like most homeowners, you might think damage to wood inside your home will require total replacement. That isn’t necessarily the case. If you contract for wood repair in Grandville, MI, you might be able to salvage your damaged wood. While only a skilled contractor can tell you if your wood is savable, you might watch for five signs you need wood repair.

1. Splintering

As wood ages, it can tend to splinter. Generally, this occurs in dry climates or in areas where wood is in the elements. While splintering wood can indicate the need for total replacement, it is possible to restore this kind of damage. Before you tear out your splintered wood, check with a skilled contractor to see if it can be saved.

2. Cracking

Like splintering, cracking can indicate that wood is near the end of its life. Generally, though, cracked boards are easier to repair than their splintered counterparts. By using putty, sealant, or another product, a skilled contractor can generally fix cracked wood.

3. Rotting

Unfortunately, rotted boards are some of the most difficult pieces to save. Nonetheless, rotting in one area of a piece of wood does not necessarily destroy the entire piece. Often, contractors who specialize in wood repair in Grandville, MI, can remove the damaged section and piece in a replacement.

4. Staining

Stained wood can ruin the look of any piece of trim, molding, or wainscoting. You don’t have to live with the unsightliness of stained or discolored pieces, though. By working with a restoration technician, you can likely diminish or remove the stain.

5. Sagging

If you have exposed beams, sagging might indicate a larger, structural problem with your home. For those that don’t support weight, though, you might be able to contract for wood straightening.

If you notice one of these five common signs, you might need to schedule wood repair in Grandville, MI. Instead of planning to completely replace the wood in your home, talk to a skilled contractor about salvaging your existing wood.

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