Common Causes Of Damage To Drywall

Posted 25 April 2017

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Drywall, also known as plasterboard or gypsum, is a building material used to construct interior walls and ceilings. Although it is an economical option and a quicker alternative to other, more old-fashioned methods like lath and plaster, it can also be subject to damage that requires professional repair. Residential drywall contractors in Grandville, MI know how to help you when you experience some of the most common causes of damage to drywall.

Water damage to drywall is a very common issue that can be fixed by a good contractor. Moisture can come in through the walls and ceilings, especially after heavy storms or in typically wet climates. It's best to call a drywall contractor at the first sign of water damage, before the problem gets out of hand. A qualified contractor can patch up small problems before they get too big and costly to take care of easily. If water infiltration in drywall is left without repair, it can grow larger and eventually cause leaks or bulging.

Repairing holes is one of the most typical small jobs a drywall contractor may handle. While many drywall contractors may not want to come out for such a small repair, there are residential drywall contractors in Grandville, MI who will.

Mold damage is another problem you may see on your home's drywall. It takes qualified a qualified professional to properly remove mold from your drywall and repair the damaged portion.

If you have drywall damage in your home, the best solution is to take care of it as quickly as possible. Some homeowners may not call a contractor right away, thinking that contractors don't handle small repairs, but that's not always the case. You can actually save money and time by tackling a drywall problem early. When you need a repair, look for residential drywall contractors in Grandville, MI, who are willing to take on all types of jobs, even the smaller-scale repairs that many homeowners need.

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