Common Issues Requiring Veneer Repair

Common Issues Requiring Veneer Repair

Posted 19 November 2016

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In construction terminology, veneer applies to a finish material used on furniture, countertops, or flooring. It is a thin, superficial layer on top resembling real wood. However, even the highest quality veneer product may require repair. The two most commonly seen problems are loosening and bubbling, and the trained professionals at Surface Savers have years of experience handling veneer repair in Grandville, MI to make damaged veneer look as good as new.

Loose Veneer

Veneer is delicate and brittle, and any minor damage can turn into a serious problem quickly if not handled correctly. Veneer is merely a thin wood layer glued to a solid base, making it highly vulnerable to damage. Loose veneer is more likely to chip and split when lifting it away from the wood base. The primary culprits that can loosen veneer include:

Undamaged, loose veneer can be reglued, but chips and cracks are more extensive damage that requires extra labor, expertise, and time to repair. This type of restoration is best left to the experts who will use caution not to damage the broken layers any further.

Bubbled or Blistered Veneer

Flattening a bubble in veneer requires forcing moisture into the surface. This process will make the product more pliable and flexible and less likely to crack or split during the repair process. Professionals who are trained in veneer repair in Grandville, MI are familiar with this procedure and can fix the blistered veneer properly without causing further damage.

Affordable and Minimal Maintenance

Veneer is a relatively maintenance-free, affordable, and durable cover frequently used throughout homes and on furniture. However, some restoration may be necessary over time. For veneer repair in Grandville, MI, make sure to consult with qualified contractors. Whether it's a big divot, a small crack, bubbling, or loosening, the experts at Surface Savers can restore damaged veneer to its original beauty.

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