Is Your Pool Looking Shabby?

Is Your Pool Looking Shabby? Get It Ready for Summer With These Easy Tips

Posted 20 January 2017

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Summer is around the corner, and if your pool is in sorry shape, now is the time to get it ready for swimsuit season. From pool tile repair in Grandville, MI, to inspecting your water filter,here are a few easy tips to get your pool ready for summer parties.

1.Check the Chemical Levels 

During the off season, the chemical levels in your pool can get out of whack. Test kits are available that can help you check the chemical balance of your pool, or you can hire a professional. For swimmer safety, don’t let anyone into the water until the proper chemical balance has been restored.

2.Repair Pool Tiles 

Just like the tiles in your home, pool tiles can become cracked and may require pool tile repair in Grandville, MI. Inspecting for damaged tiles is easier if the pool is drained, but you can also hire professionals to locate damaged tiles  and repair them at the same time. We are the surface saver company of choice, and we have experience repairing all sorts of materials from granite to pool tile.

3.Tidy Around the Pool

Your pool will look exponentially better once you have tidied up the area around it. It is especially important to remove any debris that could pose a tripping hazard. You might also want to consider installing anti-slip mats if the surface area around your pool tends to get slick when wet.

4.Inspect and Filter Your Water

Pool water can get stale and grimy during the off-season, although a quality pool cover will keep it from collecting leaves and other debris. Before jumping in for your first swim of the season, inspect the water and make sure your filter is working properly. Clean the filter if necessary to ensure that it functions optimally.

Getting your pool ready for summer may be as simple as tidying up around it, or as complicated as hiring experts for pool tile repair in Grandville, MI. But your efforts will be worth it when you have a pristine, beautiful pool to enjoy during swimsuit season.

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