Porcelain Problems

Porcelain Problems

Posted 30 January 2017

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Porcelain is a delicate and beautiful material for the home, but improper installation, cracking, and weight problems may have you scrambling to find porcelain tile repair in Grandville, MI. To prevent potential disasters, and to know when to call the professionals, learn these three pitfalls of porcelain tiling.

1. Faulty Installation

Porcelain is a kind of ceramic, but it’s less porous than cheaper kinds of ceramic because of the higher temperatures in which it’s fired. Because of this difference, porcelain can’t be installed with the same materials as other ceramic tiles. If your contractor cut corners, or if you installed the tiles yourself and weren’t aware of the need for a special compound, your tiles may not stay in place over time. Prevent this problem by contacting the tile manufacturer and purchasing the material they recommend.

2. Cracks and Chips

If you have unsightly cracks in your floor, you need porcelain tile repair in Grandville, MI. Porcelain is a durable material by nature of its production, so chipping isn’t usually an issue. Even so, the tough ceramic can be damaged by years of wear and tear,or strong impacts. A surface saver service can repair broken tiles and restore the elegance of a floor, bathroom wall, or kitchen backsplash.

3. Too Heavy

Porcelain’s density is what makes it so attractive as a long-lasting tile, but it also makes the material very heavy. A popular place to install porcelain tiles is on a bathroom wall for an easy-to-clean style, but if the walls aren’t strong enough to support the weight, the tiles can fall off. You can sometimes prevent this problem by affixing the tiles to a tile backer board instead of directly to the walls.

Porcelain is a tough material that’s easy to clean and resists chipping. But when life’s little disasters damage your tiling, make sure you have quality porcelain tile repair in Grandville, MI to pick up the pieces.

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