Quick and Easy Tips for Taking Care of Enamel Bathroom Surfaces

Quick and Easy Tips for Taking Care of Enamel Bathroom Surfaces

Posted 16 January 2017

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Enamel is a common surface material in bathrooms, and is frequently seen in bathtubs, sinks, bathroom tiles and certain plumbing fixtures. Vitreous enamel is typically fused to some type of base metal and forms a hard, smooth surface that is attractive and durable.

Enamel is usually a smooth white color, which means that it should be cleaned frequently in order to prevent staining and discoloration. Enamel is also unfortunately susceptible to chips and cracks, and may periodically require enamel repair in Grandville, MI. In order to keep your bathroom surfaces looking pristine and beautiful for as long as possible, here are two quick and easy care tips.

1.Clean With Safe Products  

Refrain from scrubbing enamel surfaces with abrasive steel brushes and rough scourers, as these can damage the surface. Instead, use a soft sponge or cloth to apply enamel-safe cleaners. If you are dealing with stubborn stains and must use an abrasive, try to find an ultra-fine abrasive powder that will cause minimal scratching.

Avoid acid-based cleaners, since they are known to slowly disintegrate the surface coating on enamel with long-term use. If your enamel surfaces have already been damaged due to harsh cleaning techniques in the past, returning them to like-new condition may be as simple as hiring professionals for enamel repair in Grandville, MI. As an experienced and trusted surface saver company, we know how to restore enamel surfaces in a safe and effective way.

2. Avoid Lime Scale Buildup 

One of the important ways to care for your enamel surfaces is to prevent lime scale from building up on them. This is especially true for bathtubs and sinks. After each use, rinse your bathtub and sink with water, then wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth. Fix any dripping taps that could contribute to lime scale buildup.

Cleaning your enamel with safe products and taking steps to avoid lime scale buildup will help ensure that your enamel surfaces look clean and bright for as long as possible. If your enamel is already damaged, enamel repair in Grandville, MI can restore it to beautiful condition.

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