Safety During Home Renovations

Posted 09 January 2017

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When you are getting drywall repair and painting in Grandville, MI, it can really upset your household. While your contractor will work hard to ensure your family's safety, it is still important that you do your part, especially if you have children. Here are some tips on what you should be doing when getting work done on your home.

Watch Tools

Your contractor is probably used to working in homes where families are living, but they may not be used to the curious nature of your children. If you have small children, you can offer a gentle reminder to workers that they should store all tools up and out of reach. Tools should also be turned off at the end of the day and unplugged from power sources. This will reduce any temptation.

Seal Off Work Spaces

While your contractor who is doing the drywall repair and painting in Grandville, MI, will likely create barriers and seal off the work area, you should also do your part to ensure everything is sealed off. This includes air vents that could carry particles around your home. Make sure that you have heavy sheeting hung up over entrances and exits to all rooms, if possible. The contractor may seal off only the space he or she is working in, but having all doorways sealed offers an extra layer of protection.

Set Up Alternative Spaces

You won't want to use an area that is under renovation, so to better help your family adjust and avoid anyone being tempted to enter the construction area, you should set up alternative spaces to use instead of the room being worked on. By having a makeshift area, your family will be less tempted to go to the usual area.

Working with your contractor who is doing drywall repair and painting in Grandville, MI, will help to ensure that your home renovation project doesn't pose safety risks to your family. Doing your part just adds another layer of protection that will keep your family safe.

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