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Choosing Veneer for Your Home Interior

Posted 26 September 2016

Veneer Repair Grandville MI

When you want a dramatic home interior at a discount price, veneer may be the solution for you. There are many kinds of veneer you can use inside your home to mimic a variety of materials. It is also easy to install and veneer repair in Grandville, MI, is just a call or click away. Here are some common ways to use a few types of veneer in your home.

Brick Veneer in the Living Room

Whether you already have a fireplace or you are having one installed, you can create the look of a brick mantle space without the excessive cost and effort. Brick veneer weighs less and is easy to install yourself. You can also use brick veneer to create a rustic look in your kitchen and bedroom.

Stone Veneer in the Bathroom

Stone in a bathroom gives the space a spa feeling, but getting actual stone can be expensive. Stone veneer goes up much easier and looks great. You can get a pebble style for your floor or use a rough look as your sink's backsplash. Stone also looks good in your kitchen or living room.

Wood Veneer in the Dining Room

Make your dining room an elegant space with some dark wood paneling. When you add some antique bronze fixtures and a deeply stained table, you create a dark and romantic space to have dinner with your significant other or for hosting high class parties. Wood veneer can also make your home office look more professional or add a rustic touch to your kitchen.

For decorating on a dime, veneer is a great and versatile option. Veneer repair in Grandville, MI, will help you keep your veneer looking great no matter where it is in your home. While brick, stone and wood are the most common veneer choices, you can also get veneer in solid colors or intricate patterns.

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