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Make Your Tile Last With These 3 Tips

Posted 23 September 2016

Tile Repair Grandville MI

Tile countertops are a beautiful and unique way to add interest and detail to your kitchen. They come in a variety of styles and colors which makes them very versatile. However, there are a few special care instructions to follow when you have tile countertops. If you take care of your tile, then you'll need tile repair in Grandville, MI, less often. Here are some tips to follow when cleaning your tile.

Use Tile Cleaner

Because of the special materials used in making tile, there are special tile cleaners available. Using this kind of cleaner will give you the best results. You are also less likely to damage your tile if you use the cleaner special made for it.

Give Grout Extra Attention

Over time, stains and particles can build up in the grooves of your tile. These are easy to remove with a toothbrush and the same tile cleaner you use for the rest of your countertop. You will want to use small strokes while scrubbing your grout, and if you can't get them clean on the first pass, try letting some cleaner sit in the grooves for a few minutes before cleaning again.

A Unique Finish

To protect your grout, you can use a very common item: nail polish! Use clear polish on all of your grout and let it stand overnight. This not only gives you a nice shine, but protects your grout from future stains. Clean grout makes your entire countertop look better.

When you take the time to care for your tile, it can last longer than you originally expected. Periodic cleaning with the right products makes your kitchen shine without doing harm. In case something does happen to your tile, look for local tile repair in Grandville, MI. You can look at online testimonials to make sure you have chosen the right company for you.

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