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What's the Best Granite for Your Kitchen?

Posted 7 September 2016

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Now that you've decided on a granite countertop for your kitchen, you still have to decide what color and type you want installed. Depending in the colors and other decorative qualities of your kitchen, you may want a solid color, a salt-and- pepper look or some very bold marbling. After you've decided, be prepared by looking at some of the local companies offering granite repair in Grandville, MI, so you know who to call in case of an emergency.

Classic Kitchens Look Good in Black

If you want a kitchen with simple elegance, then a simple countertop is best. Solid black is the most common among single-color granite, but you can also find white, gray and deep chocolate. Consider light colored granite to go with dark appliances for a startling edge, or use solid colored granite if your cabinets have an eye-catching wood grain.

Small Speckles and Spots

While everyone wants to have an immaculate kitchen, that can be difficult when you have children. Salt- and-pepper countertops are great at hiding small messes that you have to save for later while getting your kids ready for bed. You don't have to sacrifice good looks for this kind of countertop, there are many colors to choose from to suit any kitchen.

Dramatic Swirls and Stripes

You can choose to make your countertops the diva of your kitchen with dramatic marble styles. The most common are swirls of two or three similar colors, but there are also granite slabs featuring many diverse colors. Also, who says your marble has to swirl? If you want something really unique, look for slabs with marble patterns that seem to mimic wood.

When you choose granite for your kitchen, you still have to make the choice of what style and color. Get some samples to compare with other features of your kitchen so you get the best overall look. If anything ever happens to your granite, know that granite repair in Grandville, MI, is easy to find online.

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