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Enamel Repair

Making Your Bathtub Smooth Again

Surface Savers is the enamel repair and finishing specialist you need. Bathtubs, showers, and sinks are vulnerable to damage and reduced sheen. Maybe you dropped a heavy shampoo bottle in your bathtub and caused it to chip. Whether your bathtub or shower is chipped, scratched, or damaged in any other way, you can count on us for high quality enamel repair in Grandville MI with guaranteed results.

Why Enamel Repair?

A chipped or dull bathtub is hard on the eyes. Whether you just want to love your bathroom again or are preparing to sell your home, we know how important it is for Grandville homeowners to get professional work done. Not only does damaged enamel affect your bathroom's appearance but it can also lead to worse problems.
Stop Permanent Damage

You might be able to ignore a small chip for a while, but it can cause the material underneath to rust and be permanently damaged. If you wait too long for a repair and your tub gets permanently damaged, you might have to get a complete bathroom remodel–and that's expensive. Stop the problem right when you notice it with affordable enamel repair in Grandville MI.

The Repair Process

Not all enamel-refinishing methods are created equal. There are cheap options out there, and in our experience, they just don't hold up. We take the repair process seriously because we want to results to last. Too many contractors are in the business of a quick fix that doesn't last and they suddenly can't be reached. We're locally owned and operated, meaning we're held accountable for our results. Here is how we repair damaged enamel for the best results:

  1. The surface is cleaned of soap scum and mold.
  2. Every crack, chip, or rust is repaired so that the surface is smooth.
  3. The surrounding area is protected before spraying begins.
  4. A coat of primer is applied to the surface.
  5. High quality, durable topcoat is sprayed onto the surface.
  6. The finish is caulked and everything is cleaned.

This process will bring your enamel bathtub, shower, or sink back to its lustrous state.

Whatever You Need, We're Here

Surface Savers can repair your enamel parts that have rust, holes, chips, and cracks. If only a small area of your bathtub needs to be repaired and the rest of it is in good condition, we can refinish only the damaged area to save you money. We believe that quality work and affordable prices shouldn't be mutually exclusive. When you hire us, you get both. We're not just Surface Savers­–we're money savers.

Call Now and Experience the Difference

If you're ready to revitalize your bathroom, enamel repair in Grandville MI is a great first step. You can have confidence in our work because we are fully insured and licensed and only hire the most professional workers. No job is too small for our local crew. Take the first step to having a better bathroom by calling (616) 226-0900 or emailing us through our contact form. We'll provide you with a fast and firm quote.