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Drywall and Granite Repair in Ottawa County

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At Surface Savers, we have become known as the friend to the common man. We focus on surface repairs for the home, such as granite repair in Ottawa County, that many of the larger contractors ignore. We decided to be the obvious solution to a common problem. We would fill the needs that were being ignored by the big companies and show just how successful we can be while doing it.

Our company is known for its fast, easy process in repairing drywall. We have taken the knowledge we gained in completing drywall repairs over the years and now use the same easy process when we perform granite repair in Ottawa County. We simply meet with you when your schedule allows, and we show up on time. Then we provide you with a no-hassle quote without any hidden fees. If the job is the right size, we may even be able to perform the repairs at that time. If not, we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you and get the job done right.

If you need granite or drywall repair, we are your team. Contact us by calling 616-226-0900 or by using our online contact form.