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The Problems With Ignoring Water Damage in Your Drywall

Water damage can be a pretty scary phrase, but not everyone's instinct is to fix this issue when they notice it occurring in drywall. This can be a risky decision in the long run. If you know or suspect that your drywall may have been damaged by water, don't hesitate to contact a great surface saver company like us that can come to the rescue with drywall repair and painting in Granville, MI. Here are some negative consequences of ignoring moisture issues.

It Compromises the Look of Your Home

If you have plans to sell your house, stains and other signs of water damage will likely be a turnoff to potential buyers. Even if you aren't attempting to sell, no one likes to live in a house with obvious signs of decay and damage. Even if it's just for cosmetic reasons, you should make an effort to eradicate the signs that water has negatively affected your walls.

It Can Reduce the Strength of the Drywall

When water penetrates drywall, it can compromise the integrity of the materials and result in anything from textural changes to a complete collapse if things go too far. Fix small drywall issues before they get out of hand with the skilled help of our insured and licensed surface saver company.

It Can Result in Mold Growth

Mold can grow surprisingly quickly, and wet walls may provide the optimal environment for it to grow. While mold won't always result in dangerous health effects, it can cause reactions in sensitive individuals and infections in extreme cases. When a mold infestation gets out of hand, it is also very unattractive to look at and is contrary to keeping a sanitary home.

As an expert surface saver business, we can help fix moisture damage issues and may be able to save you from further mold complications and other issues from moisture in your drywall. It might be easier to ignore the unattractive stains and signs of drywall damaged by water, but ignoring this issue will cause you more hassle in the long run. If you're experiencing this problem, get in touch with us, a surface saver in Michigan. We'll help save the day with our drywall repair abilities.